this was September

…..and that’s a wrap!  We ended our 24 day show at Gallery 152 (1-24 Sept) , bumped out on day 25, and on day 26 my voice retaliated for all the words I had put it through and refused to work.  Laryngitis set in and stayed for around a week.  It seems I had left my voice in York!

For those familiar with me, you will know that talking is something I do really well, perhaps too well, as my excitement and enthusiasm for people exchange, information exchange and general participation in the world is quite high, and sometimes I forget about the benefits of silence.

Thank you voice, for not only did you make me put my head on the pillow for much needed catch up sleep and recuperation, you also allowed me to read and come close to completing my two book club titles – both of which I lost myself in rather well.  (The Tatooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris and The Harp in the South by Ruth Park – both recommended in case you are interested.)

 But a bit more on our SPRING SALON exhibition held at Gallery 152, which was a very enjoyable experience, and when a week in we decided to start counting the numbers, we recorded over 1200 people had visited the gallery, and I’d comfortably add another several hundred to that too for we didn’t spent all our time recording numbers.

We talked a lot, sold nicely and were made to feel, once again, very welcome in the York community.  It is such a lovely place, and the colours of Spring make the town literally ‘spring’ to life particularly around Festival time.

And yes, we did stay in York, with Arthur and I taking turns at visits back to South Fremantle to keep things going here.

We also added many new names to our data base, many from Fremantle which made us stop to consider why York attracts so many Fremantle people for a visit (and to live).  It was suggested that York is a bit like ‘home away from home’ in its commitment to heritage and community.  I agree.  Just look at the photographs!

Now it’s crazy time again, preparing for our next exhibition THE ESSENCE OF PLACE, opening at Earlywork in South Fremantle on Friday 26th October.   But there’s more!  In another of our ambitious ventures we have decided to combine this show with our popular annual ‘GIFT COLLECTION – Art + Objects’ exhibition, which will include a range of licensed merchandise and quality gift lines, as well as paintings. (I still feel it’s a bit early to mention the ‘Ch’ or ‘X’ word but I’m sure you know where I’m heading with this).

So one space, two galleries – enter into the clean lines and exquisite, delicate and detailed paintings by Selina Teece Pwerl and friends from the Hart’s Range region of the central desert and gallery two, well – a cacophony of colour (is their such a thing?).  It will be exciting.

Ah yes, and a special ‘In Conversation’ event on Saturday Nov 3 –  details coming soon!

Not before however, I get on a plane next week and head to Port Hedland and Newman – a whirlwind trip to connect with our art centres in the Pilbara, learn more, see more and hopefully return with more, and at the same time attend the Hedland Art Awards.   All the while continuing to prepare for our show!

I promise not to talk too much …..      WATCH THIS SPACE …

Photos below beginning with the outside of Gallery 152, the exhibition, the Wara art Bilby sculpture, the opening of the wonderful Clay Boodja exhibition in York, the beautiful countryside and our early morning walks, with iced up windscreen, and the heritage aspect of York.