this was October through to February!

OK, so we’ve broken every social media rule known to the universe and not blogged since September!  We beg forgiveness….   Being busy has a lot to do with it so that can’t be a bad thing.  

September blended without a blink into October and Anna squeezed a trip to the Pilbara in between exhibitions to attend the Port Hedland art awards whilst making connections with the Spinifex Hill Artists in South Hedland.  She was then lucky enough to accompany some of the winning Martumili artists on their bus on a fun, music blaring ride to their art centre based in Newman (see the fun bus below left)

The visit reaped wonderful results establishing a new association between Artitja and the two art centres with exhibition plans in the making.

October and November whizzed by and our ESSENCE OF PLACE exhibition morphed very quickly into our very popular January ART + OBJECTS exhibition which came down just last week.  Both shows were held at Earlywork in South Fremantle, and we are delighted to say that we have a full program of exhibitions coming up this year – all in this, our favourite exhibiting space.   


Diarise 8 March 

That’s right – on 8th March, the date of our next exhibition opening (see below) – Artitja Fine Art TURNS 15 years of age – cause for celebration indeed!    In order to honour and celebrate this second milestone (turning 10 was pretty special), we are introducing a NEW surprise element to our forthcoming exhibition which you will hear about very soon. 

So, diarise Friday 8th March for our special birthday, opening on International Women’s Day for DESERT WOMEN | Cross Cultural Expression.  Keep a look out for details.  Enquiries welcome