Welcome to our latest Aboriginal art exhibition PARU to be held at EARLYWORK, 330 South Terrace, South Fremantle opening 24th May until 16 June.   Paru is the word for spinifex in the Nyangumarta and Manylilyjarra languages, two strong language groups represented at the Spinifex Hill Studio in South Hedland, WA.  Officially opened in 2014, this Pilbara art centre is one of Australia‚Äôs newest and most impressive, having achieved local, national and international exposure. From representational landscape paintings comprising loose and experimental; abstract and textured qualities, this exhibition is a showcase of the exciting and diverse group of painters  Maywokka Chapman, Mulyatingki Marney, Illyampi Victor Burton, Nyangula Katie Nalgood, Doreen Chapman, Gloria, Winnie Sampi, Nancy Chapman Nyanjlpayi, Maggie Green and their dynamic approaches to telling of story.

Enquiries are welcome to Anna 0418 900 954 or